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Positive Dog Training Solutions is focused on providing friendly,kind and effective training and behaviour modification for your dog.
Our goal is to help you to have a positive relationship with your dog, based on mutual trust and understanding.


     Experienced - Qualified - Fully Insured 

Do you have a puppy? Are you wanting to make sure that you do the right thing and end up with a well behaved adult dog that is easy to recall, walks nicely on a lead and makes going for a walk a joy?
Then why not book a private training session with your young pup, so that they can learn 'out in the real world'. Sessions cost around £25 for an hour and during this time you will have your trainer’s individual attention to guide you through the session and provide specific advice for you and your puppy. This is opposed to paying for a course, where your pup learns how to behave in a hall and your trainer's attention is split between the whole class whilst working to a general lesson plan. Also, you will have no worries about committing to several weeks of attendance 

If you think you might be interested, please contact:
Elaine Cowling 01405 862570

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